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4 Things to Consider When Placing Your Storage Shed

placing your storage shed

Have you ever noticed a friend’s or neighbor’s property and thought that one of their buildings or structures seemed out of place from the rest of the property?

Or maybe there is something permanent in your own backyard that you wish you could move a few feet.

When you buy your own quality Amish built storage shed, this could happen to you when you place it if you are not careful!

It’s always exciting to buy new things for the backyard and your home, but a storage shed is a bit different than patio furniture because it is very difficult to move when it is placed.

So when you are ordering the shed and looking at your backyard, here are 4 things to consider to find the perfect placement for your Amish built storage shed.

storage shed


If you want to annoy your neighbors, the best thing to do is build and put your equipment right on the property line, right?

We don’t want that to annoy our neighbors, so what is proper etiquette in setbacks?

Your local town is aware of this, and that is why most zoning ordinances will require a setback form the property line, even with a storage shed.

shed zoning codes

Before you go to a lot of work with the foundation, check with your local code or zoning office.

Why is this important?

It’s pretty simple: If you place your storage shed, and then have a zoning officer stop in and require you to move it, you will find that you could have saved yourself a lot of time, headache, and money by simply finding the setback requirements first.


If you are storing larger items or equipment in your storage shed, you want to make sure that you have good and easy access to it.

For example, if you want to keep your motorcycle in your shed, then you want to make sure you place your quality built storage shed in a way that you can easily access your driveway or the road.

Another example is lawn mowers. If your lawnmower is your main piece of equipment in your storage shed, then you will want your shed positioned so that you can easily load and unload your mower into your yard.

What about smaller items?

If your storage shed is mostly used for boxes, furniture storage, or non-machinery; then you probably don’t have to worry as much about good access to your driveway or lawn, but still make sure you can easily get to your shed if you use these items frequently.


If you have issues with flooding, trees falling over, animal damage, or other concerns in your yard, then this issue is important in placing your shed.

Take time to look at any trees or large objects closer to your storage shed. Are they in danger of falling over? Should they be trimmed or removed before you place your shed?

And what about flooding?

This is an important one, especially if your yard has low spots. If you know areas of your yard are prone to flooding, make sure you place your shed outside these areas or properly drain the area. The other option is to install the base so that the top is several inches above the ground.

And lastly, if you have digging or burrowing animals in your yard, you should take care of them before you bring in your storage shed. Sometimes these animals will make your shed their new home, and this can result in damage to your quality Amish built storage shed.

If you are concerned about animals make a home under your shed after it is placed on your pad, you will want to install a welded wire (or something similar) around the bottom perimeter of your shed.


This may not be as applicable if you are not running any kind of water or electric to your shed, but it can still be an issue when the shed is initially delivered.

What should you be looking for?

First of all, make sure the shed delivery will not run into any overhead wires when the pad is being prepared or the storage shed is being placed.

Second, if you are running any kind of power or water to your storage shed, make sure you do not dig or hit any underground lines in your yard. Always check with your local utilities (usually by calling 811) and have them mark out their lines.

placing a storage shed

And third, if you do run power and/or water to your storage shed, make sure you follow correct guidelines with the wire, conduit, and other parts that you use. Running cable or lines underground requires specially-rated equipment for safety and long-term endurance.

The best practice for installing these new lines is to have a professional take care of it, or make sure you do your research before you do it yourself.

A storage shed will last you many years and be a great addition to your home and yard, but make sure you know specifically where you want it placed before your foundation and delivery is made.

If you have more questions on choosing your quality Amish built storage shed, or ideas on how you should design it for your yard, contact our sales team today!

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