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4 Main Types of Storage Sheds

Have you ever taken a good look at how many styles of storage sheds are available? Or have you ever thought about what all they can be used to accomplish?

Some hold vehicles or lawn equipment, some are used for small storage, some are turned into office space or man/woman caves, and some are used as a living space.

So how do you know what style you want? Which style best fits your needs?

In this post, we are going to cover the 4 main types of sheds with their general style and purpose.

Hopefully this will make the decision of your next quality built Amish storage shed a little easier!

The Workshop

Amish built storage shed

This is the most common storage shed that is purchased, and there is a good reason.

First of all, they are the most practical due to their structure. They can usually have several doors on the shed for easy access, especially with riding equipment.

Second, they are customizable. You can choose different square footages, window/door arrangements, and other packages such as color, trim, etc.

Third, they easily match your current house and background. Their structure’s style is very similar to a house or barn, so this storage shed will blend into your yard.

The High Wall Barn

Amish built storage shed

High wall barn storage sheds have very similar floor layouts to the workshop. The main difference is in the roof and loft.

What makes the high wall barn special? Loft space!

If you are looking for more storage space on the second floor, the high wall barn may be a better option than the workshop. Many people use this loft space just like a barn as well: storage for hay, straw, or feed for their animals.

Or, if you simply want a rustic barn look in your backyard, this may be the storage shed for you!

The Carriage Shed

Amish built storage shed

Similar to the workshop, this storage shed has good customization options and will blend well into your backyard.

However, what really sets the carriage shed apart is the longer overhang along the front. This longer overhang provides better protection to that side of the shed, which is usually the main entrance to the shed.

This “main entrance” allows the carriage shed to provide ample storage for yard and garden tools without taking up a lot of space. For this reason, the carriage shed is popular with those wanting a nice option for their backyard without taking too much room.

The Cabana

Amish built storage shed

If you are looking for a shed that focuses on aesthetics, the cabana may be the storage shed for you.

Because of the design of the cabana, it is not uncommon for them to have different styles of roofs. Hip roofs and dormers are common on the cabana and add an element of style on the storage shed.

So where are cabanas practical?

The cabana is not your best option if you are looking for maximum storage. However, if you are looking for a stylish shed to use as a pool house, office space, or something else to complement your house, the cabana may be the storage shed for you!

No matter which style of shed you choose, you will still have many options, designs, and packages to choose from. This may seem overwhelming as you look through websites and catalogues, but it doesn’t need to be!

Our team at Lancaster County Backyard is waiting to help walk you through this maze of options. Call us today to order your own customized quality Amish built storage shed!

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