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5 Steps for Smooth Sailing with Your Shed

If the process of buying a storage shed looks over-complicated, you are not alone. Many people find all the options and steps involved confusing and daunting.

storage sheds

But your experience can be different!

This post covers 5 basic steps that will help walk you through the process of purchasing your own quality built storage shed, along with helpful links to other resources.


1 - What are the local permit requirements?

This may seem like a big first step, but don’t let it scare you! In fact, we have an in-depth article that will help you walk through the building permit process.

Some local towns won’t require a permit for a storage shed, some have size restrictions, and some may want to know the dimensions or shed’s purpose before they approve or disapprove. Knowing this information right away will make the process easier and smoother.

Example 1: You find out your town doesn’t require a building permit if the shed’s footprint is 8’x10’ or less. You can now work with the shed contractor to design a shed with this specific footprint and save yourself the paperwork for a permit.

Example 2: You aren’t sure if you want to run a power line to your shed for lights and a few outlets. You check with your town, and they tell you that if your shed does not have power or water running to it, then you don’t need a building permit. Since you want to avoid the paperwork for a building permit, you decide to buy a shed that does not come with outlets or a subpanel pre-installed.


2 - Have our design team help you build your perfect storage shed.

Did you ever want to replace a light fixture in your house? You walk into a home improvement store thinking you will quickly find the perfect fixture, only to discover that they have hundreds of options for you. Suddenly picking a simple light fixture becomes complicated!

Buying a storage shed can feel the same way at first, but that’s why we are here to help!

You probably have an idea of what the perfect storage shed would look like in your backyard, but all the options and details may seem overwhelming. Overall shed size, working space options, exterior styles and designs, colors, and other specialty items might make your head start hurting.​

storage shed

That’s why we have a dedicated sales team whose goal is to help you build exactly what you want and need. Our team understands that these options can appear complicated, and that’s why we will walk with you through each step so that the final product is a perfect match for your backyard. Contact us today to have your dream storage shed begin taking shape.


3 - Plan for your storage shed’s foundation

This step is often overlooked, even though it is critical to the long-term stability (no pun intended) of your shed. For a more in-depth look at planning a good foundation, see this article on tips to prepare the base.

If you don’t want to build the shed foundation yourself, check with a local paving or driveway contractor, and they will be able to develop the base for you.

If you are planning to do the base yourself, remember these key points:

  • Use quality pressure-treated lumber for your perimeter, preferably 4x4 or 4x6.

  • If you have a slope, the top of the pad should be ground level at the highest point.

  • Make sure your corners are square. Remember that perimeter remains the same even if the corners aren’t square, so use the 3-4-5 rule or a carpenter’s square to ensure your shed will sit nicely on your pad.


4 - Perform a final review before you order

By now you know what is expected with a building permit, you have your dream storage shed designed, and you know how to have your backyard prepared for its arrival.

You are almost ready to buy your shed!

Sometimes this step is the hardest to follow-through with because you are usually required to pay a down payment and you become committed to the project.

But you don’t have to worry; just do a final check on the following before you place the order:

  • Make sure the final design, specifications, colors, and style are what you and the design team agreed was best for your needs.

  • Have the final price of the shed, as well as the payment plan and possible shipping charges, in writing on the proposal.

  • Secure your financing for the final cost of the shed.

  • Know the estimated time that your storage shed will be delivered so that you can have the base prepared and building permit (if required).


5 - Place your order and wait for your shed’s arrival!

quality amish-built storage shed

If everything on the final check looks good, then congratulations, you are ready to order your shed! Enjoy the final days of a cluttered garage or having to store your equipment outside.

Also, begin preparing yourself for questions from your neighbors. After all, you are about to get a lot of questions about your new quality Amish-built storage shed!

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