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5 Questions to Ask Before You Buy a Storage Shed

Have you ever looked into your garage and felt overwhelmed by the amount of stuff that you own? Can you relate to the maddening feeling of having to park your car outside because your boxes of winter clothing and Christmas decorations dominate your garage?

Wouldn’t it be wonderful to gain some extra storage and be able to park your car in the garage again?

storage shed

One of the best and easiest solutions is purchasing a storage shed for your backyard. But that might raise a bigger question:

With hundreds of companies and thousands of options, how do you choose a company and know that they will provide you with a quality built storage shed?

In this post, we are going to look at 5 questions that you should ask a company before you purchase their product. If a company can answer these questions to your satisfaction, then you may have found a company that you can trust.

Ready? Let’s dive in….

1 - What are their customers saying?

Today’s online networking makes it easy to find what other people are saying about almost any company. Check out their Google reviews, Facebook reviews, or just search for their company online and see if anything negative shows up.

If you really want to make it interesting, see if they will provide you contact information for 3 former customers. If they have been in business for a few years and don’t have any raving fans, it may be worth looking at another company.

2 - What warranties are offered on the product and workmanship?

Even the best storage shed companies will occasionally have a building that may have a workmanship issue. Sometimes buildings can also get damaged while being delivered or placed on-site.

The bigger question is; will the company take care of it?

Ask the company about their workmanship warranty and what it covers. Also ask them about the warranty length of the building products such as the siding, shingles, or windows.

No one likes paying for something when they thought it was covered by warranty, so make sure the company can give you clear honest answers about potential future issues.

Amish built storage shed

3 - How will they deliver the shed?

Make sure you know if delivery is included in your cost, or if it is extra. And while most companies will place your storage shed where you want it, see if your company does this. You don’t want to come home to a shed simply placed by the roadside!

If they charge for delivery, get an estimate based on the distance you are from the company. This will protect you from unpleasant extra shipping charges when you receive the final bill.

4 - What needs to be done to prepare the base?

Having a well-prepared base for your storage shed is critical in the shed’s maintenance. If you don’t know what is required to make a solid base, check with the company to see what they recommend.

A good shed company will be able to tell you what product to use for the base and how to prepare it. They may even be able to refer you to a contractor who will do the work for you for a good price!

5. - How will they provide future maintenance and repairs?

Eventually your storage shed will require maintenance. Sometime down the road some repairs will be needed, or you may simply want to move the shed to another location in your yard.

When this happens, you can save some headaches if you can use the same company.

See if the company offers a maintenance program or if they send out technicians to do repairs on-site. Not all companies offer on-site service, and if they don’t, they should at least be able to refer you to a local contractor who they trust to do a good job when the time arrives.

Don’t let all the storage shed companies make you nervous about purchasing your own personal backyard storage shed! Ask them these 5 questions, and you will quickly find a company that you can trust to provide you with a quality built storage shed. Click here today to have us assist you in building your dream Amish-built storage shed!

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